june, 2021

18jun(jun 18)9:00 am20(jun 20)6:00 pmOOV LEVEL 2/3 - AFFERENT/EFFERENT: SYDNEY

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This course shows movement professionals and practitioners how to identify and change multiple functional domains in the body using task based, kinaesthetic intelligence upregulating, movement based interventions. This course will build on the foundation of Level 1 and empower practitioners to assess clients and patients in a complete, whole body manner quickly and safely.


This course explains and provides interventions for an Efferent and an Afferent patient and presentation.


Specifically, this course will address the central organisational structures, the peripheral biomechanics and more importantly, their relationship to one another, what needs addressing first for the unique patient/client in front of the practitioner at that time and how to go about making that change.


This course explains the inextricable link between the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Respiratory mechanics, axial kinaesthetic awareness and inflammatory patterns in the body and brain.



This course includes:

  1. A unique philosophical framework for observing the human form.
  2. Original diagnostic tests to guide practitioners down a thoughtful path in applying their pre-existing skill set, or the skill set offered and delivered in this course and other courses from OOV Education.
  1. A new philosophy based Method to increase information to the body.
  2. A new movement gamut and the ability to interpret these movements within the framework of the philosophy provided.
  1. A clear and meaningful “map” from the tests/movements to the appropriate interventions to change the body quickly, safely and intelligently.
  1. A definition of Hardware vs Software Efferent presentations.
  2. An easy to follow general clearance test (as used in Level 2) with accompanying diagnostic tests for: V.O.R (Vestibular Ocular Reflex), The A.O (Atlanto-Occipital joint), Common spinal pathologies (Disc, Spondylolisthesis etc). The organisation of the Costals and lobes of the Diaphragm, the axial loading accuracy of the foot and ankle, the relationship between all the above and the force closure capabilities addressed in earlier course/s.
  3. Solutions and movements to change the information ascertained in the above tests.



COURSE OBJECTIVES: Participants will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the body in a new philosophical paradigm – Perfection vs Disfunction.
  2. Understand Bio-tensegrity and root of its manifestation: Information and Perception.
  3. Understand Allostasis and Allostatic Load, Homeostasis and Form and Force Closure.
  4. Demonstrate correct set up, safety and care of the Oov.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge, implementation and pertinence of a Clearance Strategy Screen (Vertical Loading).
  6. Understand and define Afferent vs Efferent influences.
  7. Understand how Balancing on the Oov can be a useful tool to identify AFFERENT vs EFFERENT strategic parameters and suitably describe the significance of that at a diagnostic, intervention and medico-legal level.
  8. Implement and INTERPRET a range of movement assessment screens.
  9. Use the assessments to thoughtfully guide their direction of intervention on the patient/client.
  10. Understand a new definition of Dis-function.
  11. Demonstrate a complex understanding of: kinematic pairs and chains, Superficial chain preferences and Myo-fascial slings.
  12. Understand how Joint position interacts with local joint complexes, function and global slings.
  13. Demonstrate a high degree of comprehension of functional anatomical interrelatedness of multiple structures – fascial, articular, myo-neural and visceral.
  14. Understand the METHODS employed in this course.
  15. Understand WHY the methods are in the order that they are in.
  16. Demonstrate how creative and deliberate use of peripheral holds (hand and foot positions) can influence global slings and strategies.
  17. Demonstrate how Load can be utilised to influence different outcomes of Motor Control and explain WHY and HOW.
  18. Understand basic concepts of Hormesis vs Compassion for intervention efficacy.
  19. Understand how the concepts and methods identified in this course can be used with any form of Functional Training.
  20. Understand the anatomy and function of the diaphragm, the AO joint and the efferent processing systems in the brain and spinal cord.
  21. Understand respiratory physiology and its effects on muscle function, rigidity strategies and how breath can be a valuable tool in making biomechanical and neurological change in a patient.
  22. Understand how to observe and appropriately and SAFELY utilise breath in movement.
  23. Be able to integrate multiple systems, from head to toe, in a patient for maximal kinaesthetic up-regulation.
  24. Understand Software vs Hardware in pathology and strategy.
  25. Effectively teach the exercises described in this course to individuals and a large group.

Nominal Hours of Delivery: 24 hours of practical, workshops and short lectures, Viva Voce Final Assessment

Registered for 10 PAA PDP’s



18 (Friday) 9:00 am - 20 (Sunday) 6:00 pm EST

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Oov LEVEL 2/3 - 3 Day Course

Price AUD $900.00AUD $1,080.00 excl tax

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  • Daniel Vladeta

    Daniel Vladeta

    After completing a BSc in Anatomy and Physiology, Daniel continued Post Graduate studies in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology and Osteopathy. In private practice, he continued his studies with Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Techniques. Daniels interest was in how compensatory patterns translate to physiological and functional change, and looked at ways treatment and rehabilitative exercise could be used to address these. In the late 90’s, Daniel began work with a Spinal and Orthopaedic Company, that lead to him working around the world with top surgeons, and the development of Surgical Devices. His return to Australia lead him to commence development of a device that acted as a bio-feedback or self regulating device, that acted as an unstable base, to be used in both Rehabilitation and Functional Exercise. The Oov was launched. Daniel now works with leading practitioners collaborating on Rehab and Exercise prescription, and delivers workshops to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Pilates instructors and Personal Trainers around the world. He has worked with elite and professional athletes in all sports, including Tennis, Golf, Rugby, AFL, Swimming and Athletics.

  • Nick Dawe

    Nick Dawe

    Nick’s passion is to transcend domain based thinking about the body and how to change elements within it. He supports the ALTR mantra that the body is fundamentally perfect and is an experience vessel that is the product of the information it is exposed to - therefore, to change it one needs only to change that information. From a formal scientific background (Ms Chiropractic, Bsc Science) with published papers, presenting and research experience he is well placed to help navigate and decipher the latest research and evidenced based methods for people interested in health and related topics. He merges the manual therapy world with the movement world and the health world co-owning a functional rehabilitation clinic (ALTR), an education company (OOV education) and the first fully traceable supplement company (The Red Hippo) all to keep spreading the word about the importance of smart movement and smart nutrition. He walks what he talks and boasts that there isn’t one thing he prescribes that he doesn’t currently do or hasn't had extensive experience with. He has represented Australia in Kayaking and enjoys all aspects of sport performance, rehab/prehab, nutrition and mindfulness. He currently trains around 25hrs per week through a number of modalities to keep the flow of experience based information current and relevant.